Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For The Gray Lady Death Comes Quickly-er?

The Atlantic poses the question all you Sunday morning ritual readers will care about: What if the print version of The New York Times doesn't even make it through the summer? According to her own accounting, The Gray Lady will be facing a critical cash crunch right around the time her travel section should start beefing up with vacation ads. This leaves the very real possibility that all this hyperbolic media death watching could take its most visible—and very surely missed—victim yet. It would be the equivalent of Sony Music ceasing the production of CDs. OK, maybe much worse.

You could easily argue that most of us in media are still playing piano on the deck of the Titanic, hopeful that this digitally enhanced iceberg didn't strike a death blow to pulp journalism. But if you love that easy like Sunday morning feeling with a coffee and the Op-Eds or The Arts pages, you better start praying for those lifeboats.

Check the full Atlantic story by Michael Hirschorn here.


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Sue Jacquette said...

I'm one of the few subscribers left and my husband keeps trying to get me to cancel my subscription. He tells me the news is free now and I don't have to kill all those trees... but I just love drinking a cup of coffee while blackening my fingers reading a Times article, all the while knowing that in some small way I've financially contributed to the betterment of our society by supporting a free (and I mean that in the political sense) media. Maybe that's too cerebral, but I AM smarter than he is.