Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PETA's Banned Superbowl Ad

According to this report, NBC struggled to fill its upcoming Superbowl ad spots. So why did they dismiss this PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. I watched it, and besides bringing a little sexy back, I hardly think it's over the line (of course, I'm mostly veggie, so I can't be trusted). But I guess the censors are right, kids need to watch grown men act like millionaire gladiators, rather than see sexy women.

For crying out loud, this is what's wrong with America. We crave applaud a bunch of guys literally trying to disable one another, rewarding the most warlike conflagrations and machismo. The Superbowl hasn't been kids viewing since the '60s. Meanwhile, we castigate a little PG-13 foreplay. But once again, violence wins over sex.

Larry Flynt was right. And I'll take hot chicks with Broccoli any day.

here's the video

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coffee said...

ironically PETA is getting more publicity from the fact that their ad was banned than they would have if it was approved