Friday, December 5, 2008

Finding a Recession-Proof Job

Viacom (MTV, paramount, etc) sent about 850 people home yesterday—several of them I knew personally. Other media companies like Time Inc. and Conde Nast put people on the dole recently as well. And that's just the media industry, we won't even talk about banking. Citibank is in the process of laying off 50,000 people worldwide. It is ugly and getting worse out there.

Forbes has a list of recession-proof jobs to sink your teeth into if you're out of one or afraid of the next axe swing. Not surprisingly, the top of the list is business development and sales. I have always known—as a magazine owner—that sales is the engine. Whoever is capable of making it rain is going to get paid, no matter what the weather. Good luck out there.

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aliontheair said...

Wasn't Citi Bank one of the companies that profited from the Wall Street bailout? My friend got a letter yesterday saying that his Citibank card interest rate is a LOT.

Some are using this crisis to line their pockets right now. It's disgusting.