Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colin Powell vs. Rush Limbaugh

Colin Powell, whose beautiful and poignant endorsement was part of wave of conservative voices in support of then senator Barack Obama, is now taking his message further. In an upcoming broadcast on the excellent Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN, Powell even takes on blowhard cigar munching Rush Limbaugh. Here is a bit of what he said:

"I think the [Republican] party has to take a hard look at itself," Powell said in the interview, which was taped Wednesday. "There is nothing wrong with being conservative. There is nothing wrong with having socially conservative views — I don't object to that. But if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in this country will be the minority." (The full article is here.)

Anybody who has a clue about Demographic trends knows that whatever political party is in touch with brown America will control the White House for the next several decades. America in 2050 will be more beige than white. And watching conservatives wrestle with their self-imposed demons — immigration, affirmative action, urban America — is like witnessing a slow motion train wreck. With each passing second, another car crumples on the Xenophobe Express. Enjoy the ride, suckers.

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