Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change Dot Gov Launches

This is what they don't get. Them. The old school government and political machinery—Democrats and Republicans alike. They don't understand the technology like they should. What comes as no surprise is how well Obama's team gets it. BHO was criticized as being too wet behind the ears, but he has the grasp of technology in an age when that matters most. McCain had a bus and Obama had the Web. Was it ever even a contest?

What I didn't expect was something this good, this fast. The launching of is like Facebook for the Obama presidency, a public site for citizen involvement. Among other facts and updates, the site takes job applications and your ideas for the Obama presidency. It's politics 2.0. And it seems to be softly launching without much fanfare, which is another sign of the genius of Obama's team. The viral nature of great online content has proven itself time and again during the campaign, so why force feed anything? This site already seems to have caught on. I heard it crashed a few times today under the weight of all the job applicants.

I can't wait for the next leap: The Live White House Cam!


Days like These! said...

Please put a patent on this:

McCain had a bus and Obama had the Web. Was it ever even a contest?

You are ON POINT with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danielle said...

politics 2.0 ... yup

i saw the commercial for the site today on msnbc and thought the same thing..."wow, obama's on top of it"

M* said...

are u serious!!! thats wassup no tim3 to waste.

just in OBAMA got a blog. jk