Friday, November 14, 2008

Inauguration Countdown "A to Z" (P is for President)

I have been staring at the photos of our new president-elect and something still doesn't seem right. As a citizen, who happens also to be brown-skinned, this is particularly unsettling. Something about the images of Barack Obama, as beautiful and gratifying as they are, is also stubbornly unique.

So why isn't it normal yet? After watching the video below, it's now obvious. Obama represents much more than the arrival of the first black president, he is a new physical identity on our collective consciousness. Another example of how our life experience, from the media we consume to the history we experience, controls our perceptions whether we like it or not.

Note: If it's not obvious by now, my "A-Z Election Countdown" needed some more time to germinate, so I'm giving myself until January 20th. By then, this will all be official, and I should be done by the alphabet, so help me.

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JD said...

That speech was truly thought-provoking and inspiring. It would be highly worthwhile for everyone in our corporate media and advertising-controlled culture to view.