Friday, November 28, 2008

I Love The New Pop

Photo: Tone

If you're not up yet, The New Pop is the future present of video and photography. Street level strike teams with their entire rig in a backpack are the new event bloggers. And I'm not talking about camera phone quality motion sickness vids and drunken snaps. This is quality production fit for broadcast and print, but usually done with no more than one video camera (TreVZ) and a photographer on the fly. URB talked up these kids in our "Next 100" issue this year and it's clear why. The outfit of Tone, TreVZ and Texas (the girl amongst the guys) paint New York City with not only tight, relevant mini documentaries (with embeddable code, hello!), but they capture it all with super tight nightlife and event photography (By Tone and Texas). This is the new multimedia guerrilla device, so smile, you're on.

This cool clip captures the crew searching high and low for the copy of URB they were in. It's funny but I'm also like, "Damn, is URB that hard to find?"

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danielle said...

too bad i didn't have the new pop when i was 18. we had pagers and party lines and that was about it :)