Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gay and Gangsta in LA

From URB.COM — The club is obviously bumping when the sweat-stained stench of sex is think enough to fog the glasses of even the most cold-faced patrons. It’s not just the nearly naked dancers freaking on a shin-high stage surrounded by lustful stares or the overflowing crunch at the bar, but whatever it is, it’s almost tangible. Urban street-wear brands mark the night’s dress code, glasses are filled with Hynotiq, Hennessy and Grey Goose, and hyphy tunes from the Bay rhythmically further the frantic pace. “It’s like any other hip-hop booty club,” says the evening’s bartender, “except the girls are also played by guys.” . . . (Read the original story here.)

Illustration by Martha Rich

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M* said...

i kno ur ballin out of control with comment on the previous post about quit blaming blacks for prop 8


thats just tha media sturrin ISH UP.

It cant be all GOOD in the HOOD if u kno what i mean.

Well im a new fan of ur blog.