Friday, September 19, 2008

The Vanishing White Person

From the San Francisco Chronicle — If Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy has indeed placed race in the spotlight again this election season, then the Census Bureau's new projections that white America is fading into minority status much faster than previously thought offers a glaring view of the fissures that continue to spider web our republic . . .

But the increasingly rapid erosion of the white population in America raises the stakes considerably no matter who wins the White House. The question transcends what the occupant of the Oval Office looks like and becomes whether whites are ready for the accelerating changes that will result in an America that no longer looks like them, sounds like them or necessarily embraces their cultural tastes.

The answer, as it stands now, is almost certainly "no."

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Pollynkorect said...

It's interesting to see a black man writing about the vanishing white race in a way that doesn't seem to gloat. I'm a white person who knows my race is doomed, and I'm not happy about it. I attribute the death of my civilization to the legacy of slavery, Christianity, Jews, White Supremacist Gentile Liberals and the values spawned by their self-destructive attempt to achieve unholy union; namely, the denigration of positive white race-consciousness, the adoption of a Messianic foreign policy, integration, miscegenation, birth control, abortion, non-white immigration and undefended borders. The problem with White Gentile Liberals is that they believe (1.) The white race is so vastly superior that non-whites (aka "minorities") can never defeat them, and (2.) Jews don't really believe what their religion, culture and parents have taught them for generations.

The only comfort I derive in all this is seeing that the ever-complaining, ever-whining blacks will finally get their comeuppance, Obama notwithstanding. The old guilt-trip card just won't play with Mexicans, Middle Easterners, Asians and East Indians -- and that's the main currency blacks have used to get ahead for the past sixty years, to the detriment of whites. I can't help but laugh when I read about blacks complaining about Mexicans overrunning their neighborhoods. Now blacks should be able understand how many whites felt when blacks destroyed white neighborhoods and schools in their efforts to better themselves by associating with whites!

Contrary to decades of propaganda, all men are NOT created equal; or, as you put it, non-whites do not "necessarily embrace" white America's "cultural tastes." As white America's "cultural tastes" are rejected, America will become more and more like the countries non-whites came from. As white people vanish, so likewise will the massive infrastructure that white people engineered and built. There will be fewer and fewer white-run businesses, and a correspondingly smaller and smaller white tax base. Lots of luck getting non-white, non-gentile, non-Christian hyphenated-Americans with access to foreign bank accounts to honestly report their taxable income! Like Tara and the segregated South, soon America will be gone forever. It might have the same name, but it won't be the same. Calling a daisy a rose don't make it so. As the centuries fly by, America, the real America, will become a legend in the annals of history, vilified by some and longed for by others.

Anonymous said...

To think that Pollynkorect actually holds these beliefs is both sad and scary.
Perhaps someday 'Race' as a social construct will be 'doomed' and I shall celebrate. For the 'genetic' construct of race is as false as man being superior to women or to any other part of this world.

Just my half pence,

Joe the proud genetic mongrel

lemurian said...

I come from a country where my culture vanished completly, by Native americans that imigrated to our lands and over populated our citys and took over . he is right , when a culture is parasitic and over runs another culture and imposes their values over the other cultures values they are consumed and distroyed, hence that if the culture being affected, doesnt retaliate drasticly they will wither and be absorbed.