Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sorry, But I already Sort of 'Hate' Her

Turns out Sarah Palin, our next VP-over-my-Canadian-bound-body — besides being a sadistic hunter and an oil-slicked, unqualified MILF — altered her Wiki.

Truth be told, I had to edit mine in recent days too. Not because of any impending run for office, but because somebody wrote that I donated 9 million yen to Chinese earthquake victims. As benevolent as that is, it ain't true. Maybe they meant to change Al Roker's.


Raymond Leon Roker said...

before you ream me, I don't really hate her. but I can't stand what she embodies and represents.

chelsea girl said...

Apparently McCain did vet Palin, closely, maybe a little bit too closely, just what is he looking at?