Thursday, October 16, 2008

BlackBerry Storm: First Look Video

One major reason to get this over the iPhone: It's not on AT&T. The Storm will be on Verizon, thank god. Not to mention that people who use Blackberries just swear my them—I know I do. I have been sitting on the iPhone fence for months, not ready to a) commit to another painful two years to AT&WeSuck or b) to deal with learning iPhone typing that everybody swears—with a wink—is so easy. Of course, the best possible marriage would (have) be(en) Apple/RIM, but it's a known fact that Apple doesn't play well with others.

This device can't come soon enough. Due to wear and tear (OK, dropping) I've been without a trackball on my Blackberry 8800 for a month now. Yes, this is why I haven't called you back.

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