Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Countdown "A to Z" (F is for FiveThiryEight)

is for FiveThirtyEight

You have about three weeks left to enjoy a site like this. FiveThirtyEight is an intensely geeky time suck. Unless you work at the Rand Corporation, in which case, it's a fun, intensely geeky time suck. According to the site's FAQ, 538 is also, the exact number of electors in the U.S. electoral college. The site is run by a renowned baseball statistician named Nate Silver, who has to be one of those cats you can never win an argument with without running to Wikipedia.

Though obviously not without it's detractors, the site is brimming with enough detailed analysis to have you dazzling—or boring—your friends at your next dinner party. Silver was recently interviewed by Dan Rather (video below), which will give you a vastly better understanding of the deep rabbit hole of election polling and statistics, than I can explain in writing.

Some of this stuff is really interesting and telling. Like the fact that polling routinely misses young cell phone users and people who just don't pick up their home phones (who does?). Explaining how all of this is playing out in real time, Silver will be on Dan Rather/HDNet's live election night coverage. But it still just leaves me wondering how interesting all of this will be on November 5th.

Bueller? Bueller?

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