Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politics for the Dogs

'Daddy' (photo: Raymond L Roker)

Like a good kid, my 9-year-old liver-spotted Dalmatian ("Daddy") supports whatever candidate his poppa does. But I'm genuinely thinking he'd be an Obama dog if his bio is any indication. First off, he's brown and white. Like Obama, he hasn't seen his father since he was very young. And he grew up in several different households, having been in foster care before I got him from the Antelope Valley Dalmatian Rescue.

So when this custom collar arrived from our new friends at Muzzle-Tov, we immediately put it on to show our support. I've seen silly Obama dog shirts, but I wouldn't subject my boy to "dressing up." The collar is just enough to make the other liberal canines at Hollywood's Runyan Canyon envious, while leaving the rabid McCain dogs (the must be coming over from the Valley side) foaming at the mouth.


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OMG I want one for KOBE!