Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warren Buffett on Charlie Rose: This is an "Economic Pearl Harbor"

Recent shows on Charlie Rose have had some of the best minds (we hope) dissecting and bouncing around solutions to the current economic crisis. I took note of some shows that stood out over the past couple of weeks.

Typically not one for hyperbole, legendary investor and the world's richest man Warren Buffett (below) talks candidly about where we stand—and it isn't good. One ironic silver lining, according to Buffett, is that the government's investment in home mortgage securities should come back with interest once the loans are repaid. It makes sense, logically, but it's unlikely Americans are buying it.

Also check out (bottom) Harvard professor Martin Feldstein, an economist and advisor to John McCain. I'm no expert, but he seems to offer a clear explanation about how we got here and what solutions might be available to us. Definitely worth a listen.

Click here for the Charlie Rose video home

Click here for the Charlie Rose video home

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