Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama's Gloves Come Off: The Keating Video

Check out the latest attack by the Obama camp. It's a 13-minute video that explores the 1980s financial scandal involving Charles Keating, along with a flock of congress people, including one John McCain. Also check out the Obama-sponsored Keating Economics site.

This assault by Obama's operatives goes to the heart of McCain's claims that he's the candidate of integrity. Meanwhile his pit bull co-maverick, in the form of Sarah Palin, is attacking Obama for non-existent relationships to a '60s radical.

Obama is clearly not going to sit idle while he's swift boated. And the Keating scandal is particularly poignant for American voters since it's akin to the Enron scandal and the current Wall Street bailout. It's always been pretty clear to me that McCain's so-called maverick stance was his way of trying to distance himself from the dirtiness he wallowed in during the '80s.

Lesson to McCain camp: You want videos? Obama got videos.

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Danny said...

Thanks for pointing this doc out to me. I can't believe McCain has gotten this far with a past like that. It's sickening. What also sickens me is that the Dems don't have any balls. When this guy calls Obama an elitist, why can't Obama point this stuff out and put him and the rest of that crew in their places once and for all?? At the very least, McCain has a proven track record of exercising extremely poor judgement (Keating, Palin, de-regulation), and at the worst, he's a criminal. He won't raise your taxes, but whatever is available in the treasury will go to bailing out his boys instead of giving everyone healthcare. Wake up America.