Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raymond Roker's November 4th prophecy Video

I was invited to do this video below as part of a viral campaign leading up to the election. I haven't been quiet about which candidate I support, but I hadn't been asked about what an actual Obama win would mean. That's a lie. My next door neighbor did say a few weeks back, knowing that I'm am absolute political junkie these days, "What are you going to do when the election's over?" I'll have more specific thoughts on that broader question later. But this video is me speaking candidly about the emotional side of what it could all mean, especially to the millions of people who have been part of this massive push.

I really do see it as a watershed moment for our generation, when our collective power was actualized around an idea of change and progress. No matter what happens on November 4th (really, no matter what), Obama supporters, champions and believers can know that they were part of an American movement like no other before it. Of course, on November 5th, I'll have to answer my neighbor's question for real.

Now, go vote.

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danielle said...

what are you going to do after nov 5th? shoot...what am I going to do after nov 5th? :D cool vid