Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All I Want is a Nice (Hot) Jewish Girl

Yeah, I'm a Black Jew. And Obama will be the next president. Get used to it.

To be honest, I can barely remember the high holidays and my family celebrates Christmas. But my mom's Jewish and so is her mom. So, by Jewish law, I'd have been toast in Hitler's kitchen back in the day. And when it comes to Israel, where I visited earlier this year, I'm Uzi down.

But after catching Coed magazine's Top 10 Hot Ass Hollywood Jews list of chosen hotties, I'm feeling more Jewish than ever. Not that a gentile doesn't stand a chance with these most excellent babes, but I'll take any leg up I can. And, no kidding, I didn't know Scarlett Johansson was Jewish either.

Browse and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

To Funny!!! By the way, I met you way way back, probably around '90. I ran a record store called Second Time Around on Melrose Ave. You were just started the mag and would drop off stacks to promo! URB is tru and you were are cool dude! Congrats to your mojo!

Craig Goossen

Sue Ellen said...

would you settle for a hot catholic girl who looks like scarlett johansson?

don't answer that

Anonymous said...

SO you hate black women huh????????????

Raymond Leon Roker said...

Yes, I hate black women. Wow, that's pretty rich.

Raquel said...

Have you ever tried messianic judaism. Its the best of both worlds, you observe torah and believe in Yeshua as messiah!