Thursday, September 4, 2008

Huffington Roasts: Diddy and Dupri on the Candidates

Jermaine Dupri (Mr. Jackson, if you're nasty) wrote a great editorial in the Huffington Post the other day. Take a read for yourself and tell me (or him) what you think. I personally love what he had to say and couldn't have summed it up any better—though I did an OK job in the recent URB or check out my Obama awakening from February.

This contrasts to our man Diddy (not his damn government name: Sean Combs. Or his Macy's name: Sean John). His discombobulated video rant. He's been doing these lately, usually to much better effect (Check his previous heartfelt (pr)Obama vid). Sorry, Sean, I definitely want to hear you preach on it, but the spinning camera and disjointed diatribe had me dizzy. One commenter mentioned something about having to stop eating his lunch.

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