Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OK, It's Official: I Have A Crush on CNN's Campbell Brown

For the record, I have not been a big fan of CNN's rising political anchor Campbell Brown. I've probably been a little rash in dismissing her as network couch candy, but she's not been the best at dispelling this in the past. In fact, during the Democratic primary debates, she earned a place on my dismissed list for failing to pick up on a crucial line of discussion around health insurance, allowing Hillary to slide into a commercial break just when the details were getting, well, detailed.

But that's all behind me after today. Brown showed true grit, spitting out a special comment about the cocooning of Gov. Sarah Palin from the media. (And this follows up on a Palin smackdown she dished out to a McCain spokesperson last month). The cynic would say she is becoming CNN's Keith Olbermann, but the network already has that in the dead serious Wolf Blitzer sidekick Jack Cafferty. Good looks aside, I will definitely be paying much more attention to see what Brown can do for me.

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