Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will You Vote?

My girl (Ms.) Danielle posted this the other day. It reminded me that even on this so-called 'change year,' you can't take voting—or that your peers will naturally be doing it—for granted. Every election cycle you hear the naysayers bemoan (or revel in) the fact that young people don't actually make it out to the polls come election night. People blow it off for a myriad reasons, including lack of knowledge on the issues. Danielle posted several great sources to remedy that excuse moot:

Register to vote here
Official site of John McCain
Official site of Barack Obama
Official site of Ralph Nader

And so you can play the informed skeptic and impress/annoy your friends:
Fact checking Obama
Fact checking McCain

And don't forget the very important congressional elections. Sometimes those are even more important since they can really swing the balance of power, regardless of who gets in the White House. Try the League of Women Voters site for the best info.

What you have to remember is that this time, no matter whose side you're on, this is now a 50 state race. The way our electoral process has evolved has made it where 'blue' and 'red' states are more purple than their native primary colors. This means you DO make a difference, even in states like California and New York. We may not be the next battleground like Ohio, Michigan or Florida, but we are far from off the hook.

Without being partisan here, I'll just say this: Vote. Vote for the person you believe in. Don't vote because your friends are egging you on, or you feel guilty. Just vote because you can. Vote because it will feel good. Be selfish about it. Vote because it's one of the only things guaranteed in civil society these days. Vote because if you don't, you just might hate yourself in the morning.

UPDATE: Shame on me for forgetting the courageous and bold Cynthia McKinney. She's a historic candidate (who we keep forgetting too in this monumental year). Check out the media-shunned green party here.


Chingon said...

Amen & 'Nuff said!

Garrett said...

Hell yes.

Allison said...

cynthia mckinney is also an option! http://votetruth08.com/