Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thomas Friedman: Making That Green Green

From The New York TimesRenewable energy driven by technology plays to American strengths: great laboratories and entrepreneurs, a start-up culture of risk and reward. If the United States gets serious, it will dominate, creating not just jobs but also whole new industries.

Thomas Friedman is imagining America leading—and winning—the livable technology race. And, maybe more attractive to us capitalists, making that green on green. Instead of fighting over carbon credits, China's dismal environmental record or the Republican's Neanderthal-like mantra, "Drill, baby, drill," we could be focused on the next industrial revolution starting on U.S. soil. Friedman thinks energy technology (ET) can be our next great revolution and financial windfall. It will be up to America if it elects (take that literally, this November) to really get in the race.

Catch a transcript and video of Friedman's 9/7 Meet the Press appearance.

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Anonymous said...

How about 'Rockers and Rappers for Renewables'?
If we can get popular culture to embrace (not just chase) windmills (go Cervantes!) and expect solar panels on their stadiums (the most under utilized built environments on the planet, but they have great grid connections), arenas (go Staples Center), auditoriums, and clubs we would be on our way.
And, as far as Friedman goes, it is not about who dominates world culture with its power, rather how we can live in peace, comfort, and harmony (damn dreaded hippies!) on this 'bright blue ball in spinning space.'

Thanks for posting about this oh so important topic.


p.s. note to John McCain- nukes pollute from mining uranium to endless radiating waste.