Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lo-Fi Allstar: Wayne's Lollipop Looks Better on Daily Motion

I've recently re-discovered Daily Motion, which might just mean I'm slow like sizzurp, or just spending too much time online. In any event, if your Y-O-U-T-U-B-E keys are all worn out, and you're still left unsatisfied, consider this hi-fi video channel a healthy alternative for your nightly strokes (Hey, focus!). Still all the embed code you can eat, plus screens that seem 50% bigger and light years more sharper. They even have HD programming if your laptop's got enough stamina. As for the sound and overall impact, just compare what's above to the competition's version of 'Lollipop.'

But getting seen through the blinding crush of YouTube is like rolling a TV set up a hill (I'm metaphorically challenged, sorry). Wayne's smash single clocks in at nearly 18 million plays on the video leader, while Daily Motion gets a limp 700k views. This just proves that the mantra of the web still holds true: It isn't about the quality of your content, it's the power of your sitemap.xml. Or something like that. And the consumer typically takes speed, breadth and ease over harder-to-find quality. We've become an insatiable lo-fi nation and we love it. Or do we?

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Liz said...

I lurv that you actually included as one of the tags "sexual innuendos"! Fantastic!